Thursday, April 21, 2011

Old Reckless Library Lady

Today I went to the library during my lunch break to pick up the 2nd book in a series I'm reading. The online library catalog said they had it in the "new fiction" section. But when I got in there I couldn't find it in that section. Frustrating. I needed that book real bad so I had no choice- I had to ask a librarian for help. I hate asking for help. The librarian was nice enough (and complimented my shoes so of course I liked her)she went off on a book hunt and I waited at the front desk. While I was standing there an old lady got in line behind me. She was wearing an elastic waist cotton dress and ked tennis shoes. We were just standing there waiting and then I heard... Gas being passed. Quite loudly. It was just the old lady and I, and I know it wasn't me, so it had to be her! I giggled to myself. The librarian arrived with my book and on my way out I heard what the gassy old lady was waiting in line for- her books were overdue and she wanted to pay her fine. WHAT? Careless, reckless gas passer was waiting in line to responsibly pay her library fine? Talk about extreme opposites! What a lady.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I wear contacts. Typically I go to the eye doctor, load up on contacts and don't return to the dr till my last pair of lenses gets funky. Well ... The time has arrived. My right lense is blurry. Today I made my pilgramage to the optometrist, got a new prescription, ordered more contacts, and had my eyes dilated.

At work I've been working on a few special projects, all on quick deadlines. That didn't cross my mind when the eye dr asked if it'd be okay if she dilated my eyes. When I returned to work with my enlarged pupils I couldn't read anything on my computer screen, and I needed to make several board-worthy spreadsheets due today! I squinted and guessed my way around to figure out how to make my monitor suitable for a 90 year old blind woman. The big boss picked that moment to drop by and ask how his spreadsheets were coming. I smiled and told him I'd be finished soon (didn't mention it was dependent on me regaining my sight). After a few painful hours I could see and I finished his project. I think I learned my dilation lesson.