Monday, November 22, 2010

A Pink Fist Pump

Yesterday was another terrific day in preschool children's church.  We had a few new kids, including one very precious little girl.  The darling 4-year-old had a blond ponytail accessorized with a pink flower, a pink dress, and little pink mary janes.  We shared crayons and put together a puzzle.  At one point in the morning she was sitting in a chair in front of me, she turned around and put her little hand in between the chairs.  She wanted me to do something with her hand but I couldn't figure out what.  A few minutes later she did it again and whispered, "Fist!" Could this little bundle of pink sweetness want a fist pump?  Oh yes.  I gave her the fist and then she did the explosion!!!  Ahh!!  Too cute!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Starbucks Brings Early Christmas Cheer

Starbucks invites customers to bring a friend to participating company-operated and
licensed stores in the U.S. and Canada on Nov. 18-21 from 2-5 p.m. to receive a free
beverage when purchasing a holiday beverage of equal or lesser value, which includes
the Caramel BrulĂ©e Latte, Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread Latte, Eggnog Latte,  Peppermint White Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Hot Chocolate. 

It is SO hard to get my butt out of bed while it is still dark outside.  I'm asleep before 10pm, so I know I'm getting enough sleep. I've started bribing myself with Starbucks.  I know it is overpriced coffee and frivilous calories, but if $4 can get me out of bed, isn't it worth it? 

I think the legendary Proverbs 31 Woman not only went to Starbucks, she also got Starbucks for her assistants:  "She gets up while it is still night... and provides portions for her female servants."  What a great woman!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Guts on the Floor

One day last week I got in my car at 6:30 am to do my regular commute to work.  The sun was just coming up, the roads were starting to stack up with traffic, my brain was barely waking up.  I drove out of my neighborhood, down the street, turned left at the light and got on the entrance ramp to the 101.  As the morning radio talk show host was giving sports updates over my speakers I saw something on my dashboard that wasn't normal.  My morning brain slowly processed: that thing on the dashboard isn't usually there, it is a bug, it is a spider, it is kinda big, IT IS ALIVE!  So what the heck to do when I was in the middle of a long line of cars entering traffic going 65 mph?!  I had to accelerate and merge into the lane to the left, BUT THERE WAS A SPIDER!!!  Somehow I managed to slip off my shoe, smack the spider, merge into traffic, all while screaming.  But then I didn't know what to do with the shoe (with a dead spider on the sole) in my hand.  So... I put it back on my foot.  There are probably spider guts on my floor mat.  Yuck.