Thursday, September 15, 2011

False Advertising

Last night I stopped by my neighborhood Target to pick up some index cards (and check to see if the Missoni stuff was gone- it was.)  As I was leaving the store I noticed a sign on one of the light posts.  It was advertising "Local Calls $.25".  I kept on walking, and then it hit me, why is there a sign for a pay phone in the middle of a parking lot?  And didn't calls go up to $.35 about 15 years ago?  And we're in Scottsdale, the land of boob jobs, fake tans, Range Rovers, and bedazzled millionaire cowboys.  There aren't random pay phones in this neighborhood!  So I walked over to the sign and couldn't find the phone.  What the heck?!  How long has that sign been there with no phone?  I found the set up hilarious and laughed my head off for 5 minutes. 

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