Monday, October 4, 2010

Hilarious Preschoolers

Yesterday I was a helper in preschool childrens church.  I love preschoolers.  We made King David scepters (using paper towel rolls, balloons, and stickers- the BEST preschool crafting ingredients) and as the last couple kids were finishing, the rest of the crew was getting restless.  So I played a game with them.  Me, "Raise your scepter if you're wearing a green shirt.  Raise your scepter if you have blond hair."  For some reason the kids were highly entertained by the game.  Me, "Raise your scepter if you have a pet cat."  Most of the kids raised their scepters and one of them, Lexi, added some detail, "We have 20 cats."  Me, "Well that's kind of scary."  I asked all of them if they had litter boxes and one kid said, "My cat doesn't go to the bathroom."  Well that's amazing.  I asked, "Do you guys feed your cats food from a can or food from a bag?"  Lexi-with-20-cats, "I don't know."  Then several minutes later she said, "We feed our cats food from a tuna fish can."  Me, "Oh!  I bet they really like that!"  And then...  I heard it.  A little girl yelling from the adjoining restroom, "HELP!  HELP!"  And with that simple plea the scepter game was over.  I reluctantly went in the bathroom and the little girl said, "I can't get my underwear back on."  (which is better than a kid saying, "WIPE ME" which has happened before, I told them they'd have to try to do the best they could)  We got the underwear issue taken care of.  

I'm scheduled to help again at the end of the month. I'll let you know if anything good happens.

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