Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Costumes and Menus

Today I was driving down a normal road and noticed a man standing on the sidewalk. He was talking on his cell phone and wearing a head-to-toe getup of hospital scrubs. I thought, "Ha! He's in an early halloween costume!" And then I realized I was right by a hospital. Probably not a costume.  Probably a legit doctor.

In other news, have you noticed the ridiculousness of restaurant menus? Chipotle's menu reads, "Chips and Guacamole: $2.95. Guacamole: $1.80 Chips: $1.15" (Chipotle Menu) Do people seriously need to know that $1.80+ $1.15=$2.95? And Modern Steak had a special menu that was $29 per person, or $58 for two people. That's saying the same thing twice! That's saying the same thing twice! It's annoying. OR, maybe it is really hard math and I'm actually a math genius.

This video is hilarious. I love that he jumps through the entire video.

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  1. I had voiced similar displeasure a few years back when KFC was advertising "7 Pieces for 5 dollars or 14 PIECES FOR 10 DOLLARS!!", overly-emphasizing the latter deal, as if it was a vast improvement in price.

    Anywho, how've you been?