Saturday, February 5, 2011

Potty Training at Ikea

Tonight my wonderful parents took me to Ikea.  It is waaaaay across town, so before we started the journey we stopped at Quik Trip and I got my new favorite drink- Sprite with a splash of cherry (it is almost as good as a cherry limeade).  I decided to use one of the new styrofoam cups instead of the normal plastic cup.  I paid my dollar, got in the car, and we were on our way.

I love Ikea.  I love the perfect, stylish rooms they set up.  A living room with a gray wall, a bed room with a bed canopy featuring a chandelier in the center, a kitchen with shiny red cabinets...  love it!  And what is it about their display of couches that makes it impossible to pass by without sitting in every single model?  So, after an hour or so of meandering through the store, random stuff in hand, we made our way to the cash registers.  While waiting for the next available self-serve station, someone cut in front of us!  They snuck in from the food side!  Jerks.  When I walked by them I said quite loudly, "WOW, THAT LINE WASN'T TOO BAD AT ALL!"  (I'm out of control, I know)  My family was going to get cinnamon rolls on our way out, but they were out.  Quite disappointing.  We got to the car and successfully finagled the random stuff in the trunk and back seat (what's a trip to Ikea without some random stuff finagling?)  

I took my place in the backseat, picked up my Quik Trip cherry Sprite, took a drink, then I put the styrofoam cup between my legs (no cupholder).  I guess I kinda squashed the styrofoam cup, because I suddenly had a tidal wave of cold liquid in my crotch.  Thank goodness my dad hadn't started the car yet.  I screamed and jumped out of my seat... then realized I was standing in the middle of the crowded Ikea parking lot with a dripping crotch.  My mom started handing me napkins and I tried to dry myself as discreetly as possible, but I'm sure the two guys walking by noticed me laughing my head off, dabbing a napkin on my dripping rear end.  And then I got to sit in my cold wet pants all the way back across town. 

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