Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pick Up Lines

Yesterday I had to pick up some medication at the pharmacy.  I got in line and tried to wait patiently.  A lady pulled up her cart behind me and said, "Is this the line to pick up?"  "Yes."  "Oh good."   Then the oooold man in front of me turned to me and said, "This is the pick up line?"  "Yes."  (that's what I just said to the lady behind me!) He gave a little smile and said, "You come here often?"  WHAAAAAT?!  I tried to look as if something else a couple aisles over really had my attention and he said, "That's a pick up line."  Excellent.  Good thing I took an extra 30 seconds to put on lip gloss before entering the store... so a 90-year-old man with severe dandruff could hit on me, and then clarify that he was hitting on me.  I guess it was a funny joke, but still awkward.  I got my stuff and left the store thinking, "Why is it only weirdos who talk to me?  Why couldn't it have been a dashing young man?"

Then I went to Ross to get curtains for my new apartment.  The store was a zoo and the line was looong.  I thought I was getting at the end of the line, but I realized a guy had been standing at the back of the line from a different angle (between the clothes racks instead of off to the side).  When I finally got to the front of the line he was beside me and it wasn't clear who was next.  Was he first, or was I first?  I said, "Go ahead."  He said, "Oh no, you can go."  I said, "I think you were waiting first."  And he said, "Yes, I think I was, but I'm trying to be a gentleman."  My jaw hit the floor.  A guy between the ages of 20-40 who was going out of his way to be a gentleman?  Yeeeaaaaah!!!  God, bless that man!
Lesson learned?  Pickup lines are awkward...  BOTH types of pickup lines.  Chivalry goes much further in impressing a lady.

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