Wednesday, July 20, 2011


First off, I'm writing this at the library and there's an old dude at a computer across from me talking on his cell phone.  He's yelling at someone, "You want to go to Flo's for dinner?  You have to show me you have cash first...  WHAT?  Don't show her that!  It's sadistic!  It's witchcraft!...  I can't do that at my house, my ex could show up."  It's gettin' crazy up at the local library!  Wow.  Oh,  he just got up.  He's wearing a baseball cap and has his gray hair in a ponytail. 

Speaking of crazy looks, one of my good friends sent me a link to some extremely entertaining hats seen at this year's Royal Ascot (England's biggest horse race of the year, dating back to 1711).  I highly recommend going through this quick slideshow.  And here is one of my favorites:

Kind of makes me want to get a little more adventerous with my wardrobe.  Hmm...

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