Saturday, June 18, 2011

Problem with Hello

This week I have noticed something.  I have a really hard time introducing myself to new people.  I get really nervous and my mind goes blank.  And I get frantic, so then my mind goes really blank, or focuses on something absolutely ridiculous.  Thought process: I could say 'Hi I'm Amanda' and they'd respond with their name, but what do I say after that?  I hate comments on the weather, so I won't comment on that.  I could comment on their clothes, but then I'll seem shallow.  I could comment on last night's baseball game, but they might hate sports and then there will be awkward silence.  The thought process usually ends with me giving up, or the opportunity passes me by. 

I've even asked for advice from some of my charming outgoing friends, who are very encouraging.  Their wisdom really gets me motivated, and I tell myself, "This is so easy!  I can do this.  Just don't get nervous and be your yourself."  Easier said than done.  This morning I had a perfect chance to practice, and I dropped the ball again.  After 5 minutes of sitting next to a person I'd never met and going through my traditional thought process and giving up, someone else introduced us and then we chatted a bit.  So, that one worked out okay in the end.  But still, I needed to be a big girl and introduce myself.  I don't have a problem with conversation post-introduction, it's just that initial "hello".  Maybe tomorrow I'll get the chance to try again. 

Speaking of tomorrow, it is Father's Day tomorrow.  Happy Father's Day to my super terrific wonderful awesome dad who has no problem meeting new people! :) 

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