Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time Waster or Life Improver?

I came to the library after work to use their free wifi (and return some stuff, it was overdue and my fine will probably go from $6 to $9...  they might put me in jail).  I don't have internet at my apartment, so we'll see how this works.  I've come across some fun links in the past couple months and wanted to share them.  They might just waste your time, or they might change your life forever.  :)

Create starbucks drinks!  Who knew there was a sweet espresso called ristretto?  I love the creativity.

Color palette generator.  You give the website a picture, and it gives you an exact match of a color scheme, both a bold and muted.  Nice.  In one of my last posts I mentioned this picture I got from ikea.  So I went to the website, right clicked on the image of the picture, viewed info, copied the url listed, then pasted it in the color palette generator.  Viola!  There are the colors to use to decorate! 

Free junk.  I've always known craigslist had a free section, but for some reason it has become more appealing to me.  If you check it regularly you can find some great stuff.  Well, maybe not "great", but certainly entertaining.  Free pony rides, goat manure, 5 lb handheld barbell, and a giant mirror are all listed right now.  If that giant mirror wasn't so far away I'd probably go get it.

Note to self:  library internet is awful.  I think it times out every 3 minutes.  Get an iPhone and all life's problems will be solved.

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