Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Most Embarrassing Moment. Ever.

I had just moved to a new town and didn't know anyone.  I was entering 6th grade middle school.  Middle school!  The world of gym class uniforms, band, lockers, and changing classes.  Why did that seem so glamorous as a 12-year-old?  After the first couple days I found a routine and started to feel comfortable.  One major problem:  I never had time to go to my locker and change books, so I kept all of my books in my backpack.  (Keep in mind I was a scrawny little 12-year-old girl and textbooks are heavy.)  One day during the second week of school I was walking from my Second Hour class to my Third Hour class.  I had a library book in one hand, my 50 pound backpack strapped to my back, and 2 of the coolest girls in school decided I could walk with them.  Every 6th grade girl's dream!  Awesome!  Except, I dropped the library book I was carrying.  When I bent down to pick it up the weight of my backpack threw me on my back.  It was so heavy I couldn't get up!  I was in the middle of the packed hallway, with the two coolest girls in school standing there, and I was laying there squirming like a dying bug.  I tried to get up a few times, but I kept falling backward.  The girls were laughing at me and I couldn't get up!!  I finally rolled to my side and got my humiliated butt off the floor.  The girls never walked with me again. 

The next year I home-schooled.

I thought my 6th grade yearbook photo would be a great addition to this post.  So... 15ish years later I found myself digging through a dusty old box and thumbing through a yearbook.  Names and faces I had totally forgotten.  Guess who I found?  The boy in 6th grade who "asked me out".  I didn't have any intention of posting this, but it is so good I have to.  Consider it a weekend bonus.

I had never actually talked to this boy.  We didn't have any classes together or the same lunch time.  (Why did I think this was cool?  How did he notice me or figure out my name or anything about me?  Creepy.)  In true middle-school style he asked a girl to ask me if I'd go out with him, I told her to tell him yes.  That day after school he came to my locker and said, "Are you going to the show tonight?"  (for some reason people in that town called the movies "the show")  I wasn't allowed to go to "the show" so it was an easy answer, "No,"   He walked away. On Monday I asked the girl to tell him I wanted to break up with him.  So there it was.  Friday to Monday.  My first "boyfriend".  Last night I ran across his name in the yearbook, googled him, and guess what?!  It looks like he is now the manager of a liquor store.

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