Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why Are You Talking To Me?

 Yesterday I went to Target to get some thank-you cards and found myself perusing the bedding section.  (They had 600 thread count sheets on sale for $30)  I noticed some exciting red "CLEARANCE" tags peeking out from the Shabby Chic aisle.  That doesn't happen often, so I had to check it out.  The aisle was congested.  Evidently there were other ladies who couldn't resist pink floral sheets with a sale tag.  There were a couple ladies taking up more than their fair share of room, I was trying to get around them so I could see what was on the bottom shelf, and then...  another lady started talking to me.  WHAT?  She pointed to a bedspread, "This is on sale."  I smiled, hoping she'd think I was mute or didn't speak English.  Didn't work.  She pointed to an identical bedspread on the next shelf down, "Isn't this one preeettty?"  "Yes.  Looks like it is a twin size."  "Ohhh.... that's not big enough."  I squeezed by the two lady space-hoggers and ran to another aisle before she could point out another identical sale-priced, pretty, twin-sized bedspread on the third shelf. 
It made me remember all the times random people talk to me in stores.  Once I was in WalMart and a lady talked to me for 45 minutes in the plastic laundry bin aisle.  Not kidding.  I just smiled and nodded.
Then today I went to DMV (even though the giant sign on the building reads "MVD" I will always call it DMV).  Somehow I only waited 10 minutes and J645 popped up.  I went to Counter 9 and was greeted by a lady with red frizzy hair and reading glasses.  I told her why I was there and she proceeded to tell me she has 3 payments left on her truck.  $499 a month.  (I hope it is a nice truck)  And she has to leave by 12:30 because she has an appointment.  And she loves the hamburgers at Greasewood Flats, and her daughter's friend's dad owns Buffalo Chips (and they have bullriding on Friday nights), and she never gets any time to herself and I should wait to have kids because life totally changes. 
I sat there and thought, "Why is this person talking to me?"  But you know, I'm glad they do talk to me.  It makes life entertaining.  Life would be so boring if random people didn't share random details.  Wait, isn't that what a blog is?  Sharing random things that go through your mind with the potential of complete strangers reading it?  AH!  I'M ONE OF THEM!!!

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