Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Soup and Gloves

I love fall.  One of the things I love most is soup!!  Wildflower Bakery has some delicious pumpkin soup (they usually only have it for one month, so you have to  be there at the right time).  mmm  I also love chicken tortilla soup.  Last fall I decided to make chicken tortilla soup for a work function.  I made it from scratch.  I spent a few days searching the internet for the best recipe.  I was going to make the soup the night before and let it simmer in a crock pot. I carefully measured the ingredients, cut the onions, the peppers...  The peppers.  Jalapenos.  I cut and cut and cut those peppers.  And my hands started burning.  I washed them and continued cooking.  And my hands continued burning.  And they got worse.  By the time I was done making the soup my hands burned so badly I was almost crying.  I googled everything I could think of,  "pepper burn",  "salve for jalapeno".  I WebMD'd it.  I guess many people have been afflicted with deathly jalapenos.  Things I tried:  bleach, ice water, milk, vinegar, aloe vera, and found the best thing: sour cream.  Ahh... relief.  But one problem: I needed to go to bed.  Solution:  found some random plastic gloves in garage.  Put sour cream on hands, then put on plastic gloves. Gross, but tolerable.  If only I would've put the gloves on BEFORE I cut the jalapenos.  ::Sigh::  Lesson learned. 

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